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How to Recover Deleted MS Excel File in Excel 2010?

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software in MS office suite. It is used to create and format the workbook. Workbook is a collection of several spreadsheets. MS Excel helps users in analyzing the data that is helpful for making a business decision. In order to this, user needs to protect his/her data in case of disaster. Disaster can be anything that prevents you to access your data from the workbook. Some of the popular causes of disaster are power outage, accidentally deletion, and hardware failure. All of us may face above terrible situation once in our life; therefore it make sense to be prepared to handle disaster and also need to know what should do in case of data loss.

How to avoid the 5 biggest PowerPoint mistakes

Badly designed presentations are always painful for both the presenter and the poor audience.
Nobody wants to waste their time watching the presentation that sucks. Have your ever imagine what would happen if your presentation goes wrong in front of large audience? So it is your responsibility to create great presentation that interests audience. Here are the tips on avoiding the biggest PowerPoint mistakes.

Do you know! How to add notes in PowerPoint slides?

Today I will tell you about an incidence that happened with me while I was giving my presentation and what I learned after that. I was giving my presentation on some project in front of large audience and in nervousness forgot what my next slide was about. Had I made notes for my slides, this incident wouldn't had happened. That was the worst day of my life. Anyways what I learned after that incidence is more important. I was not aware that in PowerPoint you can add notes in your slides, that will be visible to you only.

How to Solve Error “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened” in Excel 2010

One of the MS Excel user got below error message, when he tried to open an .xls file in MS Excel 2010.
The file is corrupt and cannot be opened
Here's the complete scenario: User was using MS Office 2007 on his PC for data maintenance & document writing. He had recently upgraded his MS office program from 2007 to 2010. He had got a spreadsheet (spreadsheet.xls) from his friend. When he tried to open the file; got above error message. When he tried to open the file on another computer with MS office 2007; file was opening successfully. File was not corrupted.

Top 5 amazing features that make you love PowerPoint 2013

The new PowerPoint has come up with lots of new and improved features that I am sure you are going to love. PowerPoint 2013 has got a brand new look and it also incorporates cloud integration. Now you can easily create more beautiful and professional presentations. The main focus in PowerPoint 2013 is on document sharing using cloud computing. Now let's have a look at the amazing features of PowerPoint 2013.

Improved Presenter View: Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013 has made the task of giving presentation in front of large audience much easier. Using this feature, now you can see your notes on your monitor while giving presentation and this notes will not be visible to the audience. This feature is available in previous versions also but by default it is disable there. In new PowerPoint whenever you run slide show, presenter view  also got enabled. Earlier, two monitors were used, one to show you what the audience is watching and other to see the notes but now you can rehearse yo…

How to repair damaged MS Word 2010 document that won't open

Corruption in Word documents is a common problem. Sometime you can't even open your documents due to high level of corruption. In such case, you can try free methods provided by Microsoft to repair your corrupt documents. If one method fails to repair corrupt file then try another.

Do you know how to backup MS Word documents?

Have you ever lost your important document due to power failure or sudden system shutdown? If Yes then you might not be aware of the backup feature of MS Word. MS Word provides a feature that automatically create backup of your documents. In case of disaster you can recover your Word document using backup.