How to avoid the 5 biggest PowerPoint mistakes

Badly designed presentations are always painful for both the presenter and the poor audience.
Nobody wants to waste their time watching the presentation that sucks. Have your ever imagine what would happen if your presentation goes wrong in front of large audience? So it is your responsibility to create great presentation that interests audience. Here are the tips on avoiding the biggest PowerPoint mistakes.

  1. Text is not visible to audience: It is not necessary that the text that you can easily read on your computer screen is visible on large projector screen also. Most of the time people came to know about this issue when they are in front of audience. So make sure to check the slides on projector before presentation. Also use dark colors that are easily visible.
  2. Too much text on a single slide: Some people put too much text on a single slide and it looks so clumsy. Even audience can't read the whole text all at once. So try not to use more than 5 bullet points on a single slide.
  3. Can't open PPT: What would you do if you won't be able to open your PPT when in front of audience. This problem can occurs due to compatibility issue. Suppose your PPT is in older format and on the host computer new version of PowerPoint is loaded, this will create compatibility issue. To avoid this type of your problem, save your file in older file format. To do this, Open your PPT, Go to File-> Options-> Save-> Save files in this format and select PowerPoint Presentation 97-2003.
  4. Font issue: Want to change the Font at last moment? No worries! You can easily change the Font of all slides at one go. In the Home tab, go to Editing Group and select Replace menu-> Replace Fonts.
  5. Avoid too many images: It is always good to use images in Presentation but only images makes your presentation looks like crap. People sometimes stuff their slides with images to make it looks more attractive. .Also image should be off high quality otherwise it will look blur on large screen. 


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