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Top 5 Tips on repairing a damaged .docx document

Need to repair corrupt .docx document? Today I will give you some simple tips on how to repair corrupt Word document. But first I will tell you how to identify whether a document is corrupt or not.

If you see below symptoms in your document that means your document got corrupted:
Unreadable characters or symbols on the screen.Wrong formatting of document.Incorrect layout of document.Error message during processing of document.System stops responding when you open your document.Note: Below methods are applicable when you will be able to open your damaged document (.docx).

How to resolve QuickBooks error -6123,0?

Sometimes QuickBooks generates strange error messages that are hard to understand. I too encountered a very strange error message few days back. I got really worried and called one of my friend to sort out my problem. My friend told me to search for this error on Internet and try the recommended solutions first. So I searched my problem and came to know about the various  causes behind the occurrence of this error. This error may encounter if:
The network connection between your computer and server is lost.Firewall settings is creating problem with QuickBooks file.QBW file is damaged.Multiple QuickBooks files are running.

How to resolve Excel error “MS Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"

It is not uncommon to receive error messages in Excel. Sometime these error messages are so strange and weird that it becomes very difficult to understand them. Today I will talk about one such error in Excel.

“MS Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action.”

The above error may occur when you try to open your Excel sheet. There are three main reasons for the occurrence of this error:
This error may occur when you use 'Send as Attachment' option of Excel to send the Excel sheet as an email attachment.If Excel is trying to access data from an active application.You have added too many add-ins in your application.

What is the use of Clean Up Company Data utility in QuickBooks?

The Clean Up Company Data utility is a free utility which is included in QuickBooks. This utility  helps you in many ways like it reduce the size of company file, delete unused entries, summarized transactions by creating new journal entries etc. You can improve the performance of your QuickBooks file with the help of this utility. If your company file size is becoming larger day by day then it is time to clean up all the unnecessary data using Clean Up Company data utility. Before using Clean up utility consider following factors:

Use Clean Up Company Utility if and only if:
Your Company file is very large and it's affecting the performance of QuickBooks.If the maximum number of accounts in your QuickBooks are more than 10,000.If the maximum number of rows or items are more than 14,5000.

How to resolve “QuickBooks has stopped working” error?

Have your QuickBooks file has stopped responding suddenly? If Yes then you too are a victim of QuickBooks corruption like others. Sometime when you try to open your QuickBooks file, you receive below error message:

This error message may occur due to one of the following reasons:
If your QBWUSER.INI file got damaged.Corruption in your hard disk.If your Program file got damaged.Try below methods to solve your problem:

Have your Access Database Disaster Recovery Plan is ready?

I hope that you all are aware of the importance of organizational data. Every organization needs to maintain its data on the database which suits their requirement. If you maintain database for your company then you are responsible for that data. So it’s your responsibility to protect your data from corruption or any other disaster. With little effort or planning you can prevent or at least recover your database from any unexpected event. So are you prepared? If not then make a disaster recovery plan before it gets too late.

How to make a disaster recovery plan?