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Paste Special option in PowerPoint 2010- What's that?

I have been using PowerPoint 2010 since last 6 months and never get to use its paste special option. Yesterday my friend told me about this feature and I find it very useful. This feature comes in handy when we need to paste images, tables, charts from Excel and Word to PowerPoint. By simply pasting the stuff in to PowerPoint all the formatting changes.

Top 5 cool features of MS Word 2010

MS Word has numerous features and you may not be aware of all. Most of the users only know basic features of Word like copy, paste, formatting so they never try their hands at advanced features. So in this article I have described some cool features of Word that will be helpful for all users.

How to insert data in multiple excel sheets simultaneously?

Anyone can insert data in multiple Excel sheets by grouping the multiple sheets. To group multiple sheets, hold the Ctrl key & select your desired sheets.
For Example: I have created a new blank workbook that has three sheets: Sheet1, Sheet2 & Sheet3.
Fig 1: Blank Workbook

How can I prevent my PPT from editing by another user?

If you are sharing your PPT within or outside your organization then you may not want your content to be modified by other users. PowerPoint provides many features through which you can create a PPT that no one else can modify except you. It is a good idea to protect or lock your PPT when you are sharing it with a large group of people. So this article will explain the methods through which you can protect your PPT.

My MS Word spell checker is not working. What to do?

MS Word spell checker behaves abnormally most of the time. It doesn't detect misspelled words even if “Check spelling as you type” option is enabled. Sometime it doesn't work for one specific document or other time for any document. Either way it is the most annoying situation for user. To resolve this issue you can try below methods.

How to fix damaged Excel Workbooks?

Excel is undoubtedly the most popular spreadsheet software and used by millions of people on daily basis. I also use it regularly to manage all my financial data and that is why I can say how painful it is for an Excel user to see his workbook corrupt. There is high risk of losing all the data if user is not smart enough to make a backup. But still there are many methods to repair a damaged Excel workbook that user can try.

Overview of Master document in MS Word

Master document is used when you want to split your large Word document in to multiple Word files. It is basically a Word file which contains links or pointers to separate Word documents known as subdocuments. A master document contains only links of subdocuments so when you make changes in subdocuments it will automatically updated in master document. With the help of master document you can easily maintain your multiple subdocuments as a single document. More than one people can work on master document and can edit part of documents simultaneously.