QuickBooks Data File Corruption – Causes and Resolution

While working with QuickBooks, if you face any issue with QuickBooks data file, then it can be very annoying and time-consuming to fix it. However, based on some good practices and better understanding of warning messages, you can prevent QuickBooks data file getting corrupted.

Here are some of the most usual causes of QuickBooks data file damage and their resolution:-

1-Network glitches
When you use QuickBooks across a network in multi-user mode, then there is possibility that one of the workstation loses connection with server for a moment and then reestablishes connection. In this short time of disconnecting and reconnection, it may be possible that the data stream gets changed a bit, and the database gets damaged.

Microsoft Word: How to fix crashing issue? – Part 2

Crashing issues in Microsoft Word is very annoying problem. You may face these issues when you open Word, try to write, or save the Word document.

First thing to do Whenever Word crashes
Whenever Word crashes, first make sure that there is no installed instances of Word are yet functioning. If there are any running processes, then open Windows Task Manager and end those processes.

I have already discussed most common reasons of Word document crashing and here, I will discuss some other causes of Word document crashing issues and their resolutions.

Printer ProblemsAntivirus ConflictsIf Word crashes as soon as it opensIf Word opens very slowly

How to Fix Issues with Excel File Save

Sometimes users face problem in saving Microsoft Excel files. Excel shows different type of error messages while saving the file such as “Errors were detected while saving C:/Users/Filename.xlsx”, “an error message indicating the document was not saved or that someone else is using the file and can’t be saved”. You may face these types of issue while saving Microsoft Excel files if one or more of the following conditions are true.

You have limited permissions to a network drive and you are trying to save an Excel file there.You do not have sufficient drive space and trying to save an Excel file to that location.While saving the Excel file, you have lost the connection to the file.Antivirus software program arise conflicts with the Excel file save.You are trying to save a shared Excel file.The path length for the Excel file exceeded than 218-characters.Excel file is damaged or some data in the file is corrupt. Here are some methods to troubleshoot Excel saving problem. I would recommen…

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Cannot Open a PDF File - Causes and Resolution

There are different factors can be involved that prevent PDF file to open. Some factors include an out-dated version of Adobe Reader, damage to the Reader, damage to the PDF file, unrecognizable file type, PDF file is created with non-Adobe program, or no PDF reader is installed. Here are the solutions of all described causes that prevent PDF file to open.

No PDF reader is installed:
Before moving further first ensure that a PDF reader is installed on your computer.

Problem with Adobe or Operating System: If you have seen that a PDF reader is installed, then there is possibility that Adobe Reader is not up to date or it is damaged. Follow these steps to make sure that Adobe Reader is up to date and it is not damaged:
Update Adobe Reader.Repair Reader.Reinstall using latest version.Make sure that operating system can recognize PDFs.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error -6177, 0

QuickBooks software is one of the most popular accounting software in the World. But, when it does not work properly and showing any error, it's seems like so difficult to deal with it. The reason behind errors in QuickBooks software are networking issues, corrupted data files, running an old edition of the software, improper installation of the software, firewall issues, or anymore. From my point of view, every QuickBooks user should always have a daily backup of a QuickBooks data file. So that, if your file becomes corrupted or showing any error while trying to open it, then you could restore it from the previous day's backup.

When you open QuickBooks company file, you will see this error message:
“QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file. Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. (-6177, 0)”

Difference between File Extensions Used in QuickBooks

Did you know that there are more than 30 different file extensions in QuickBooks?
QuickBooks uses different file extensions for each file type to store data and each file type has its place. There are different file extensions for everything from QuickBooks working files and Accountant files to Payroll files and Loan Manager Files. It uses different folders to separate different types of data.

QuickBooks data file (.qbw) and QuickBooks backup file (.qbb) is the only two main company files used in QuickBooks for Windows. But, there are three more important file extensions used for holding transactions and a data for QuickBooks Company file; QuickBooks portable company file (.qbm), Accountant’s copy export file (.qbx) and Accountant's copy working file (.qba).