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Time saving tips for MS PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint is an awesome tool to create effective presentations. You may have known how to create a presentation but do you know how to create it fast. In today’s life nobody has time to spend 2, 3 hours on creating a presentation but since you have to meet deadlines and targets in your company, you have no option but to create it. No worries now! We are here to make your life easier. Here are top 10 time saving tips to create presentation fast.

Top 5 methods to repair a damaged 2010 Presentation that you can open

MS PowerPoint is the most popular tool for creating presentations. Despite its popularity and usefulness, sometime you receive error messages or can't access your presentation. This problem occurs due to corruption in PPT. PowerPoint presentation becomes corrupt due to various reasons like improper system shutdown, virus attack or power failure. Due to corruption your slides become inaccessible and hence there is high risk of data loss. There are some methods through which you can repair your corrupt PPT and prevent data loss.

My PowerPoint 2010 crashes when I repair my presentation

Yesterday when I tried to open my presentation an error message appears on my screen. So I tried to repair the error using Open & repair utility of PowerPoint. But as soon as I repaired my presentation, PowerPoint crashed. I was preparing my office presentation and needed it back so I called my friend who is an expert in PowerPoint. She said due to this issue your content or linked images may got also blocked by PowerPoint. And finally she suggested me below solution that worked for me.

Check how much time have you spend on a Word document

Do you know how much time you are spending on writing your Word document? The good news is that in MS Word you can easily find out the working time spend on a document. Word automatically keeps track of the time spend and stores this information in each respective document.

Resolving printing problems in MS Word

The most common issue with MS Word is that it creates problem in printing documents. Millions of people use Word for daily typing and printing task. So this issue is common with Word users but  you can solve it by little patience. It might be possible that your printer is the culprit not Word. Follow below step by step procedure to know who is actually responsible for error.