My PowerPoint 2010 crashes when I repair my presentation

Yesterday when I tried to open my presentation an error message appears on my screen. So I tried to repair the error using Open & repair utility of PowerPoint. But as soon as I repaired my presentation, PowerPoint crashed. I was preparing my office presentation and needed it back so I called my friend who is an expert in PowerPoint. She said due to this issue your content or linked images may got also blocked by PowerPoint. And finally she suggested me below solution that worked for me.

1.  Below message will appear that ask you to update links, but you have to click on the Cancel button.

2.  Go to File-> Save As and save your presentation in some different folder.

3.  Go to File-> Close.
4.  Again go to File-> Open and open a new blank presentation.

5.  Below message will appear that ask you to update links, click Update Links.

6.  After updating the link below message will occur, click Ok.

7.  Now go to File-> Related Document area->Edit Links to Files.

8.  Links dialog box will get open, select the link that you want to change or update.
9.  Click one of the following option:

  •  Change Source: Click this if you want to change the source location of picture file or OLE object.
  • Update Now: Click this if you want to update the source link to the picture file or OLE object.
  • Break Link: Click this if you want to break the link to source file of OLE object. For picture file, first reestablish the link and then break the link source.

10.  Now save your presentation.

I hope above method will help you also in resolving this issue. If unfortunately it fails to resolve the issue then it might be possible that your presentation got damaged. To repair your PPT you can try a good PowerPoint repair tool. There are many third party tools available online that can efficiently repair damaged PPT in no time.


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