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How to Fix Issues with Excel File Save

Sometimes users face problem in saving Microsoft Excel files. Excel shows different type of error messages while saving the file such as “Errors were detected while saving C:/Users/Filename.xlsx”, “an error message indicating the document was not saved or that someone else is using the file and can’t be saved”. You may face these types of issue while saving Microsoft Excel files if one or more of the following conditions are true.

You have limited permissions to a network drive and you are trying to save an Excel file there.You do not have sufficient drive space and trying to save an Excel file to that location.While saving the Excel file, you have lost the connection to the file.Antivirus software program arise conflicts with the Excel file save.You are trying to save a shared Excel file.The path length for the Excel file exceeded than 218-characters.Excel file is damaged or some data in the file is corrupt. Here are some methods to troubleshoot Excel saving problem. I would recommen…