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Whats New for You in the Microsoft Office Web Apps? Check it Out

Microsoft Office Web Apps: Microsoft Office Web Apps are online versions of the core MS Office applications. These are touch-friendly web applications that allow you to create, edit and share your Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote files from any browser.
Real-time co-authoring is the latest major updates introduced by Microsoft in Office Web Apps. It allows more than one user to work on same files simultaneously without conflicts in editing, just like Google docs.

Microsoft Word – Do your Job Faster with These 7 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Word is a vast and powerful program that can do thousand of things. It is an complex program with many secret techniques that can be hard to find in MS Office suite. However, there are over 1 billion Microsoft word users in the world, and it is still most popular word processor among users.
Here are some helpful tips and tricks for Microsoft Word that will help you get things done faster and it can greatly improve your efficiency.

How to Fix “PowerPoint Failed to Load Hlink.dll” Error of MS PowerPoint

You may get any of the two below mentioned error messages while viewing your PowerPoint presentation:
Microsoft PowerPoint "hlink.dll" can't be loaded.” Or “Microsoft PowerPoint failed to load "hlink.dll".

This issue is encountered when Hlink.dll file gets corrupt or is missing. Sometimes, this issue occurs when this file is of wrong version.