How to Fix “PowerPoint Failed to Load Hlink.dll” Error of MS PowerPoint

You may get any of the two below mentioned error messages while viewing your PowerPoint presentation:
Microsoft PowerPoint "hlink.dll" can't be loaded.
Microsoft PowerPoint failed to load "hlink.dll".


This issue is encountered when Hlink.dll file gets corrupt or is missing. Sometimes, this issue occurs when this file is of wrong version.


The best way to overcome this situation is to delete the Hlink.dll file from your hard drive (if it resides there), and replace it with new. This file is stored on the CD of your Microsoft Windows XP and can be installed by using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. Use the below mentioned method to replace your Hlink.dll file:
  • Save the open files and quit all the programs running on your computer.
  • Go to ‘Start >> Find’, and then click ‘Files and Folders’.
  • In the ‘Name’ box, type ‘hlink.dll’.
  • Make sure that ‘C’ drive is selected in the ‘Look in’ box. After that, click ‘Find Now’.
  • If ‘Hlink.dll’ file is found here, then right-click on this file and click ‘Rename’.
  • Rename this file from ‘Hlink.dll’ to ‘Hlink.old’.
  • In the CD or DVD drive of your computer, insert the CD or DVD of Windows XP or Windows 2000.
  • Go to ‘Start’, and then click ‘Run’.
  • Type the following command in the ‘Run’ dialog box for extracting your Hlink.dll file: expand drive:\i386 hlink.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hlink.dll. Here, the ‘drive’ is the drive letter of your CD or DVD drive and ‘windows’ is the folder where your Windows operating system is installed. After that, click ‘OK’.
  • Go to ‘Start >> Run’.
  • To register the ‘Hlink.dll’ file manually on a 32-bit operating system, type the following command in the ‘Run’ dialog box: c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 /s c:\windows\system32\hlink.dll. Here, the ‘windows’ is the folder containing your Windows Operating System. After this, click ‘OK’.

Following this process resolves the above error message. In most of the cases, however, if it fails, then use of professional PowerPoint recovery software is recommended. Reliable PowerPoint recovery software repairs corrupt PowerPoint presentations efficiently. Most of the tools of this category are easy-to-understand and simple-to-use. However, you have to be selective while searching for any professional PowerPoint repair tool, as some software of this category are freeware that harm your computer more than recovering your data. So, go for the tool that has intuitive user interface and recovers your PowerPoint presentation from any situation without any alteration.


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