Top 5 methods to repair a damaged 2010 Presentation that you can open

MS PowerPoint is the most popular tool for creating presentations. Despite its popularity and usefulness, sometime you receive error messages or can't access your presentation. This problem occurs due to corruption in PPT. PowerPoint presentation becomes corrupt due to various reasons like improper system shutdown, virus attack or power failure. Due to corruption your slides become inaccessible and hence there is high risk of data loss. There are some methods through which you can repair your corrupt PPT and prevent data loss.

Restore from backup: If you have maintained the backup of your PPT then you are safe. Search for backup folder with the name 'Backup of .ppk' in the same folder where your PPTX file is saved.

Apply corrupt PPT as template: Follow below steps to do that.
  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Go to File-> New-> Blank Presentation-> Create.
  3. Now go to Home tab-> Slides group, click the arrow next to New Slides.
  4. Click Reuse Slides.
  5. Browse the corrupt PPT and click Open.
  6. Right click one any slide and click Insert All.
  7. Now save the presentation.
If the corrupt presentation does not show all the data then try below steps to apply it as a template.
  1. Go to File-> Save As.
  2. Give an new name to the damaged PPT and save. This will create the backup copy of restore PPT.
  3. Go to Design tab-> Themes group-> More-> Browse for Themes.
  4. Now select your corrupt PPT and click Apply.
If the presentation is still damaged then try below method.

Copy corrupt slides to new presentation: Follow below to do that.
  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Go to File-> Open.
  3. Select the corrupt PPT and click Open.
  4. Again go to File-> New-> Blank Presentation-> Create.
  5. Now go to View tab-> Slide Sorter.
  6. Click a slide to copy and go to Home tab-> Copy.
  7. Go to Window tab-> View-> Switch Window and select the new PPT that you have created above.
  8. Go to View-> Slide Sorter.
  9. Go to Home tab-> Paste.
Likewise copy all your slides. If your PPT is still damaged and showing unexpected behaviour then try next method.

Save your PPT in .RTF format: Follow below steps to do that.
  1. Open damaged PPT.
  2. Go to Office button-> Save As-> Other Formats.
  3. Select *.rtf in the Save As Type list.
  4. Name the presentation and save.
  5. Go to Office button-> Open-> Files of types-> All files.
  6. Click the .rtf file that you have just created and click Open.
Use PowerPoint repair tool: If none of the above method work then it is recommended to use a professional PowerPoint repair tool. These tools easily repair damaged PPT without harming your system. Most of the tools also provide free demo to see the preview of corrupt ppt. If you are satisfied with the demo then you can purchase the software.


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