Top 5 cool features of MS Word 2010

MS Word has numerous features and you may not be aware of all. Most of the users only know basic features of Word like copy, paste, formatting so they never try their hands at advanced features. So in this article I have described some cool features of Word that will be helpful for all users.

1.  Don't like Word ribbon, hide it: Those who hate the new ribbon interface would be happy to know that they can temporarily hide the ribbon. To hide the ribbon you just need to click the arrow at the end of Quick Access toolbar or press the Ctrl+ F1 key.

2.  Add screenshots: You can add screenshots in your document simply by pressing Insert-> Illustrations-> Screenshot. Also you can put only a portion of your screenshot by clicking Insert-> Illustrations-> Screenshot-> Screen Clipping. If you want you can edit this screenshot using Picture Tool.

3.  Use Look Up to search text: Sometime while reading a document you find some words that look interesting to you and you want to find out more about that word. For this purpose there is an research library which is integrated in to MS Word. To use that library, you just need to select that word, right click on it and select 'Look Up'. After clicking on Look Up, you will see a menu bar on the right side with the research options. You will also see some research sites like Live Search, Factiva iWorks etc.

4.  Selection: As you might have already know that by double clicking in document, you can select a single word and by triple clicking you can select the whole paragraph. But you may not know that by holding Ctrl key and clicking on a word you can select a single sentence.

5.  Add comment: When your college sends you a document for review then instead of writing him a long mail regarding the errors that you have found, you can add comments in the document itself pointing toward errors. To add a comment, first select the text for which you want to make a comment, go to Review Tab-> New comment. Now type your comment in comment area and save the document.


  1. Wow. I wasn't aware of all these features. I never used or tried them before but now after learning about them I wanted try each of them. I am thankful to you for discussing about these amazing features.
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