How to insert data in multiple excel sheets simultaneously?

Anyone can insert data in multiple Excel sheets by grouping the multiple sheets. To group multiple sheets, hold the Ctrl key & select your desired sheets.

For Example: I have created a new blank workbook that has three sheets: Sheet1, Sheet2 & Sheet3.

Fig 1: Blank Workbook

Fig 2: Group sheets by holding CTRL key + Select 

Fig 3: Now insert the data in one sheet

Fig 4: The same data were automatically copied in all the select sheets
  • Saves time & effort.
  • Useful for large Excel workbook.
  • Easy to perform.




  1. Mansi have there any scenario where we need same data on multiple sheets???

  2. Yes in some cases it is necessary but depends upon the users requirement.

    I have used it to maintain multiple sheets of same data.


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