Paste Special option in PowerPoint 2010- What's that?

I have been using PowerPoint 2010 since last 6 months and never get to use its paste special option. Yesterday my friend told me about this feature and I find it very useful. This feature comes in handy when we need to paste images, tables, charts from Excel and Word to PowerPoint. By simply pasting the stuff in to PowerPoint all the formatting changes.

To avoid this problem, MS has introduced paste special feature. Paste Special feature provides different paste options. You can choose the one depending upon the content you are going to paste. Suppose you have copied a table and want to paste only the text inside the table without any formatting then you can use its ‘Keep text only’ option. You can also see how the paste item will look by using the Live Preview option.

Following options are available in Paste Special:
  • Keep Source Formatting: In this option there is no loss of formatting. The formatting of original object is preserved.
  • Picture: This option will insert your slide in the form of image.
Let me explain you Paste Special feature with the help of an example. In this example I will show you how to copy content from Word and paste it in PowerPoint using Paste Special feature.

When you copy content from Word and paste it in PowerPoint then no changes will reflect in PowerPoint if you update your contents in Word. To reflect changes we will use the Paste Special feature. Following are the steps:
1.  First copy the texts from MS Word then open PowerPoint and go to Paste button on the left side of Ribbon.

2.  Now click the dropdown arrow of Paste option and select Paste Special.

3.  Paste Special dialogue box will get open. Select the Paste Link radio button and click Ok.

4.  The pasted text will appear in the form of graphic object.


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