How can I prevent my PPT from editing by another user?

If you are sharing your PPT within or outside your organization then you may not want your content to be modified by other users. PowerPoint provides many features through which you can create a PPT that no one else can modify except you. It is a good idea to protect or lock your PPT when you are sharing it with a large group of people. So this article will explain the methods through which you can protect your PPT.
Mark as Final: Using this feature you can make your PPT read only so that no one else can edit it.
  1. Open your PPT.
  2. Go to File-> Info-> Protect Document-> Mark as Final.

Digital Signature: This feature won't protect your PPT from being edited by another user but it did alert you when someone will try to make changes in it. To add digital signature follows below steps:
  1. Open your PPT.
  2. Go to File-> Info-> Protect Document-> Add a Digital Signature.

Convert your PPT: To protect your PPT you can convert it in to PDF format. There are many free and paid software’s available online that convert PPT in to PDF format. The drawback of this method is that you will lose all the animated data. You can also convert your PPT in to video.


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