How to resolve QuickBooks error -6123,0?

Sometimes QuickBooks generates strange error messages that are hard to understand. I too encountered a very strange error message few days back. I got really worried and called one of my friend to sort out my problem. My friend told me to search for this error on Internet and try the recommended solutions first. So I searched my problem and came to know about the various  causes behind the occurrence of this error. This error may encounter if:
  • The network connection between your computer and server is lost.
  • Firewall settings is creating problem with QuickBooks file.
  • QBW file is damaged.
  • Multiple QuickBooks files are running.

Now I will discuss all the solutions that I tried and what worked for me.

First I downloaded QuickBooks File doctor tool to detect damage in my Quickbooks file. It didn't detect any error.

Next I checked my network connection with the host computer and it was fine too.

Third I fixed my network data file by following below steps:
  1. Right click the Windows Start button and click Explore.
  2. Open your Company file and right click the file with .nd extension.
  3. Now rename it with .ndold.
Unfortunately the above solution also didn't solve my problem.

One solution I found in forum was:
  1. Open Company file.
  2. Go to File-> Switch to Single User Mode.
  3. Again File >Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-user access.
  4. File >Utilities > Host Multi-user access.
  5. File >Switch to Multi-User Mode.
I even uninstalled and reinstalled my QuickBooks file but the error was still there. Frustrated, I called my friend again and told her about my situation. She then searched for some third party QuickBooks repair tools and came up with life savior Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks. My QuickBooks file was damaged, that is why none of the above solution worked for me. Finally I recovered my data using Stellar Phoenix Recovery for Quickbooks.


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