Top 5 amazing features that make you love PowerPoint 2013

The new PowerPoint has come up with lots of new and improved features that I am sure you are going to love. PowerPoint 2013 has got a brand new look and it also incorporates cloud integration. Now you can easily create more beautiful and professional presentations. The main focus in PowerPoint 2013 is on document sharing using cloud computing. Now let's have a look at the amazing features of PowerPoint 2013.

Improved Presenter View: Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013 has made the task of giving presentation in front of large audience much easier. Using this feature, now you can see your notes on your monitor while giving presentation and this notes will not be visible to the audience. This feature is available in previous versions also but by default it is disable there. In new PowerPoint whenever you run slide show, presenter view  also got enabled. Earlier, two monitors were used, one to show you what the audience is watching and other to see the notes but now you can rehearse your presentation on single monitor.

New Startup Menu: New PowerPoint does not open with a blank presentation instead it give you lots of option to start your new presentation using a theme, a template, a online template or a blank presentation. There are several categories in online template such as Orientation, Business, and Industry etc. One major improvement in template is that they are now available in 16:9 aspect ratios. Modification of template is also much easier in new PowerPoint. The main advantage of this new look is that you can start your project faster by selecting the template, colour schemes right from the start.

Sharing is easy: Sharing of document is much easier in PowerPoint 2013 as it saves your presentation to SkyDrive or SharePoint. You can give anybody permission to see and edit your presentation and the best part is that the person without having PowerPoint can also view your presentation. You just have to send the link of your presentation that can be viewed in a browser.

New Reply Comment Feature: This feature comes handy when you are working on a group project. Using reply comment feature people can view and comment on your presentation without modifying its content. You can even save the comments or conversation so that later you can track back the progress of group project.

Insert Online Videos: In PowerPoint 2013, you can directly insert online videos, audios and images in your presentation without even downloading them. Earlier version PowerPoint also had this option but there you had to copy and paste the embedded code of required video in your PPT. However with PowerPoint 2013, you can directly insert online video using the SkyDrive account, Bing video search or YouTube.


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