Do you know! How to add notes in PowerPoint slides?

Today I will tell you about an incidence that happened with me while I was giving my presentation and what I learned after that. I was giving my presentation on some project in front of large audience and in nervousness forgot what my next slide was about. Had I made notes for my slides, this incident wouldn't had happened. That was the worst day of my life. Anyways what I learned after that incidence is more important. I was not aware that in PowerPoint you can add notes in your slides, that will be visible to you only.

You can add notes in your slides, the slide will be visible to audience and notes will be visible to you only. It will help you in selecting next slide to speak out. You can also print this notes. First I will tell you how to add notes in your slides.

1.  Open your slide in Normal View by going to View-> Presentation views-> Normal.

2.  Now you can add your notes in the note pane.

3.  You can even add charts, tables and images in your notes.

To add your notes in Notes page view follow below steps:
1.  Go to View-> Presentation View-> Notes Page View.
2.  Here the area for adding notes will be larger than normal view area.
The objects that you add in Notes Page view will appear only on your note page, not on the screen.

Apply for: PowerPoint 2010

How to print notes?
1.  Open your presentation containing notes to be printed.
2.  Go to View-> Presentation View-> Notes Page View.
3.  Format your slide notes and go to File-> Print.
4.  Now in the Print dialog box, click the Full Page Slides drop down menu and choose Notes Pages.

So to save yourself from the embarrass situation that I have faced, make sure to create notes.


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