QuickBooks for Mac 2014 Gives You Many Reasons to Upgrade

Most of the Accountants choose QuickBooks Mac for a diversity of reasons and the major one being its simplicity and usability. In previous version of QuickBooks for Mac 2014, Intuit had added some new import features, the option to attach external documents, and the addition of the Intuit Payment Network. Now, QuickBooks for Mac 2014 allows bookkeepers and business owners to create invoices, bill time, track sales, expenses and payroll quickly. QuickBooks software is more than 20 years old now and hundred of new features have been added over the years to its Windows versions and Mac versions. It contains numerous valuable new and improved features for accountants and their clients.

There is majority of new features and improvements for accountants in QuickBooks for Mac 2014. Some of the new features are; Import Journal Entries, Income Tracker Adjust Sales Tax, Redesigned Tool-bar, Redesigned Home Page, Redesigned Snapshot, Sales Reps, Search in Reports and User Setup Checklist, Convert Estimates into Purchase Orders, Customize Columns in Customer and Vendor Centers. These new features in QuickBooks for Mac 2014 are enough to give pleasure to most of the accountants.

Have a look at some overwhelming features added in QuickBooks for Mac:

New Income Tracker: The New Income Tracker feature in QuickBooks for Mac is awesome. Intuit replaced the old Collections Centre with the new Income Tracker and this new dashboard is highly flexible. It allows you to keep tracking of everything from paid to unpaid at one glance. You can also reach to Transaction Centre directly by clicking any category in this tracker, where taking relevant action on transaction is fast and easy. In previous version, user's required to open multiple reports about the customer's transactions and then need to access different menu options to complete common customer transaction activities.

This new Income tracker feature is not available to you if you use the multi-currency feature. To open the Income Tracker, select the Customer Menu and then select Income Tracker.

Improved Toolbar: The new redesigned toolbar is customizable and provide one-click access to your data and transactions. You can create shortcuts so it's faster and easier to get around in QuickBooks.

You can add or remove icons appear on the toolbar and even you can change the order in which they appear by clicking the “Customize” icon at the bottom of the toolbar. For quick access, you can add your commonly used tasks and reports to the toolbar by dragging any open window to the bottom of customize screen.

Redesigned Home Page: The new Home Page in QuickBooks Mac offers access to an absolute summary of your company financial and business insights. It is now more of a central control panel with some functional navigation like Getting Around, Redesigned Snapshots and links to Intuit Community and Little Square. The redesigned experience provides a dashboard view of end to end company performance. In earlier versions of QuickBooks Mac, an issue was that there was no way to really get QuickBooks for Mac to fill up the computer workspace. This means that users often inadvertently clicked on another program in the background and lost focus on QuickBooks.

New Adjust Sales Tax Feature: In the QuickBooks Mac 2014 version, there is now the option to adjust sales tax for discounts and credit in the sales tax liability window. Now users can easily adjust their Sales tax payment directly on the Sale Tax payment window. In the earlier version of QuickBooks Mac, it needs many steps process to perform this task.

Improved Sales Reps Functionality: The new version of QuickBooks Mac includes separate Sales Rep list. It provides ability to assign a Sales Rep to Customers and a business owner can track profitability by Sales Rep.

Convert Estimates into Purchase Order: The new version of QuickBooks Mac provides you ability to create a purchase order from the Estimate screen. This is much more efficient way to create a purchase order to track expected costs. It also saves lot of time for small contractors and companies that drop ship goods. In previous version, user manually created purchase orders to track expected costs.

New Import Journal Entries Feature: This new feature allows accountants to create journal entries outside of the QuickBooks for Mac file and send the journal entries to the QuickBooks for Mac user to import.

For a successful upgrade, you should give your old file a “check-up” to reduce the possibility of errors happening during the conversion process. There is possibility that your company file is already damaged but the damage is not visible. You should follow the instructions carefully for upgrading, otherwise there is also chance of damage in your new QuickBooks Company file while upgrading. At any case if your company file get corrupted due to system crash, power failure or any other reasons then try to get back your company file from QuickBooks backup file. If it fails then you can repair your corrupted .QB file with Stellar Phoenix Recovery for QuickBooks Mac.

Even though it’s missing some features like lack of iPhone support, no support for multiple currencies and no automated credit card billing. But still it’s worthy to upgrade QuickBooks for Mac 2014 with its new updated User Interface and dashboard.


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