Top 7 ways to avoid MS Word corruption

Suppose you have created a large Word document and saved it. Now when you open it next day, all you can see is unreadable characters. That means your document got corrupt. What will you do in this situation? This is the most frustrated situation for any user who has to face this corruption issue. The only hope of getting your valuable data back in this situation is to restore it from backup, if you have created one. But if you haven't maintain your backup also then what will you do? Don't panic! Your data is still safe and can be retrieved with the help of powerful Word repair tool.

There is a saying that 'Prevention is always better than cure'. So instead of going through the pain of losing data in case of corruption, avoid it from happening. Follow below preventive measures to avoid corruption.
  1. Avoid using 'Track Changes' feature as it usually is the reason behind you corrupt document. Instead use 'Compare Documents' as it will also give you the same result.
  2. If you are creating lots of tables in your document then use them carefully because a corrupt table eventually damages your entire document. First determine the layout for your tables and style them properly. Merging and unmerging of cells in table blindly can make your table corrupt.
  3. Never ever use Drag and Drop editing, you can use 'Cut' and 'Paste' instead.
  4. There is a feature in MS Word named “Linked Object' through which you can insert the content of Excel in Word. Linking  one or two Excel sheets is ok but if you try to link 10 sheets at a time the problem may occur. For the same purpose you can also use the VBA code.
  5. Always keep MS Office up to date with latest updates. For that go to Help menu-> Check for updates.
  6. If you are using your file on shared network, always close the network connection when not using file. Because failure of network connection may lead to corrupt document.
  7. When you capture any image using Windows print screen button then the image comes in BMP format, whose size is very large. And Word creates issue when inserting very large size images in it. So you better first compress your image and then insert.


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