MS PowerPoint 2010 top 4 features that you might not have explore yet

It's been 4 years to the release of MS PowerPoint 2010 but many people are still not aware of its full potential. MS PowerPoint 2010 has much more to offer than you can imagine. There are many amazing features that you can use on a daily basis. Let's explore them.

Remove background from image: You might have been using Photoshop for removing the background of an image but now no need to use it. Because the same thing can be done with the help of PowerPoint 2010. Follow below simple steps to do that.
1.  First insert a picture for which you want to remove the background.
2.  Go to Insert-> Insert Picture.
3.  Go to Format tab-> Picture Tools-> Background Removal.

4.  Now click on 'Mark Areas to remove' option to remove the area that you don't want or alternatively click on 'Mark Areas to keep' option to keep the area you want.

5.  Click on the Keep Changes button to save changes.

Create your own shapes: I always wished to create my own shapes in PowerPoint instead of using preset shapes. This is possible in PowerPoint 2010. You can join two or more shapes or even cut them. This feature is known as Combine Shapes and it has four parts. Here they are.

This feature is not present on the Ribbon. You have to enable it manually. Go to PowerPoint Options-> Customize Ribbon-> Choose Commands from-> Commands not in the Ribbon-> Combine Shapes.

Convert your PPT in to video: Now no need to use third party tools to convert your PPT in video. PowerPoint has the ability to do this without loss of quality. Here are the simple steps:
1.  Open your PPT.
2.  Go to File-> Save & Send.

3.  Click Create a Video, under File Types option.
4.  A dialog box will get open. Here you can choose the size, duration of video.

5.  Click Create Video.
6.  Save your video.
7.  Video will be in .wmv format.

Broadcast your PPT over the Internet: With PowerPoint 2010 you can now broadcast your PPT for free. You just need to have Window Live ID to sign in so that you can send a private url to viewer. The best part is that viewers can watch your PPT just by clicking on a link even without having PowerPoint installed on their system. Follow below steps:
1.  Go to File-> Save & Send-> Broadcast SlideShow.

2.  Here you will require your Window Live ID.
3.  A link will be given to you by PowerPoint.
4.  Use this link to share your PPT with viewers.


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