How to track changes that your boss has made in your document?

As the name suggests Track Changes keeps track of all the changes that you have made in a document. This feature comes in handy when two or more people are working on a same document. Suppose you have created a document and mail it to your friend for review. Now your friend has edited your document with Track Changes on and sends it back to you. Now when you open your document, you will be able to see the changes that your friend had made. This feature is also known as redline. Before using this feature keep in mind following things:

  • If you had made some changes in a document with Track Changes on, few months (weeks) back, Word will still kept the changes and stored it in your document.
  • If you don't want to display the changes that Word has stored, you can hide them. 
  • Hiding the tracked changes does not remove them permanently, it just hide it from view. To permanently remove changes you must reject them.

How to track the changes?
Applies to: MS Word 2010
Follow below steps to turn on track changes feature:
1.  Open a document for which you want to track changes.
2.  Go to Review-> Track Changes.

3.  Track Changes button will get highlighted. It means Word is tracking changes.
4.  Now click the drop down arrow of Track Changes and click Change Tracking Options.

5.  A dialog box will get open, here you can set various options like under Markup, you can choose the line that you want to appear at the time of Insertion, Deletion, and Comments. You can also track changes for formatting using Formatting option. Here you can choose for what type of formatting you want to track changes.

6.  Now again go to Review tab and click on Show Markup dropdown menu. Here you can specify one or more options for which you want to observe changes. Suppose you want to track the changes for insertion or deletion then enable it.
7.  If you want to view the original version of document then click Original.

How to see track changes in a document?
1.  Open the document.
2.  Go to Review tab, click the drop down menu in the Tracking Group.
3.  Four options will appear.

4.  Final: Show Markup will show the changes and Original is your original document without changes.

How to hide tracked changes in a document?
There are two ways to do that.
1.  Go to Review tab and choose Final in the Tracking Group. It will hide all the tracked changes.
2.  Go to Review tab and choose Original in the tracking group. This means you have rejected all the track changes.

How to permanently delete tracked changes from a document?
1.  Open the document.
2.  Go to Review tab, in the Changes group, click Accept or Reject.

3.  Reject will delete all the tracked changes.


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