How to resolve “MS Word has encountered a problem and needs to close...” error in Word 2000

The most frequent error that I have seen in Ms Word is “MS Word has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.” This error message occurs when you try to  start Word or type something on the document. The two most common reasons behind this error are:
  • Your Word is installed on Windows XP and you are using compatibility option for earlier Windows OS.
  • Global template ( got damaged.  

Solutions: If one method fails try another.
  1. Change the compatibility mode settings: Follow below steps to solve the error.
  2. Locate the location where your Word is installed. Usually it is found at below location:
  3. %programfiles%\Microsoft Office\Office
  4. Once you have found the Word location, right click on Winword.exe-> Properties-> Compatibility tab.
  5. Clear all the options and click Ok.
Rename the file: Follow below steps to rename the file.
  1. Go to Start-> Search-> All files and folders.
  2. Type and search it in My Computer by clicking on Search Now.
  3. If the file is not found then search here: C:\Documents and Settings\yourprofilename\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates.
  4. Right click on the file and rename it by
Word creates a new file every time when you start it. Now restart Word, if it starts without any error that means was the cause behind it and you have resolved the above error message.

Start Word in safe mode: Sometime Word add-ins creates issue so to check that, start Word in safe mode. Follow below steps to do this.
  1. Go to Start-> Run.
  2. Type winword.exe/a and click Ok.
  3. If Word is working fine in safe mode then add-ins are creating problem.
  4. Open Word.
  5. Go to Options-> Add-ins-> COM add-ins.
  6. Disable all unnecessary add-ins.
Now restart Word to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Word repair tool: If above methods fails to resolve the error message then it might be possible that your Word file got damaged. In this situation try a good Word repair tool to repair your corrupt file.


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