Why my Excel file is slow to open?

When I upgraded to newer version of Excel, I noticed that my Excel file take longer time than usual to open. It is not only one reason for slow performance. There are so many other reasons behind this. Let's discuss the most common problem area:

Large Calculation

If an Excel file contains large number of calculation then it will take more time in opening. So the best way is to turn off Automatic Calculation option.  To turn off this option; follow below steps:

Go to File → Options → Select Formulas → WorkBook Calculations → Select Manual.

Problem due to Add-Ins
Sometime add-ins makes your Excel file slow. So make sure you have installed the latest version of add-ins. If you have not installed Lookup Wizard add-in yet then install it now. It can make your Excel faster than before.

Hidden Objects
When you copy and paste data from various sites in to your Excel sheet then along with this data; hidden objects may pasted in your work. These hidden objects can make your workbook slow. To remove these objects; follow below steps:

Open your sheet → Press CTRL + G → Select Special → Objects → Highlight all the objects → Remove

Large Excel File
You may have seen that the size of Excel file sometime increase beyond limits and file takes forever to open. However there are many ways to reduce the Excel file size.

Keep everything at one Place
When you link your Excel sheet with other sheets, it will usually make Excel slow. So try to store all your data at one place only.

Convert Unused Formulas in to Static Value
Since lots of formulas in an Excel sheet makes it slow so you can convert unused formulas in to static value. Make sure to convert only those formulas that you don’t require in future to generate value again and again. To convert formulas in to static value, follow below step:

Click Paste special-> select value to paste.

Try to avoid Violate Functions

A violate function recalculate all the values whenever there is any change in Excel sheet and this create performance issues in Excel. So try to avoid violate functions but if you really need to use them then an efficient way is to enter the function and then reference it in your formula.

Share your comments: I am sure, there are many more issues that make Excel slow but these are the most common. If you know about any other issue then please do share.


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