Resolving “Word cannot save this file because it is already open elsewhere” error in Word 2007

It is so irritating when you have to wake up early morning and that too for picking up a stupid call. Yesterday morning my friend called me and said he needed my help in solving MS Word error. My reaction was like “What? Are you kidding me? Have you seen the time?” He said sorry but it's very urgent as he has to show some blueprint of his project in his office. So I have no other option but to help him. My friend could not save his Word document because of this error:

“Word cannot save this file because it is already open elsewhere”

I did a thorough research on this error and got to know the reason behind this error. This error may occur in following scenarios:
  • This error may occur when you try to save your document to a network and some other user has also opened the document with the same name as the document that you are trying to save.
  • When a file with the same name as yours is already placed on the same location where you are trying to save your document.
There are three methods to solve this error. If one method does not resolve the error then try another.

Wait till other user close the document: If the document with the same name as yours has been opened by another user then waits until he close it. You can save your document once the user closes his.

Save your file at different location or change the file name: Save your file at different location as the file with same name is already placed there. You can also change the name of your file if you don't want to change the location. After changing the name or location of file, merge the changes from multiple users to one account. Follow below steps to do that:
  1. Open Word file.
  2. Go to Review tab-> Compre group-> Compare.
  3. Now click Combine.
Remove temporary owner files: Delete temp owner files.
Note: All the documents must be closed when you delete temp files.
  1. Go to Start-> Search-> All Files & Folders.
  2. In the Search box type ~*.*.
  3. Now in the Look in box, click Browse and enter the location where you want to save your document.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Go to Edit-> Select all.
  6. Go to File-> Delete.


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