Quick Tips: How to reduce the size of large PPT file?

Lots of effort is required in making a great presentation with images, videos etc. You gave your best in making a presentation and that too on a short notice. Now when you are ready to mail it to your client, you find out that file is too big to send as an email attachment. Oops!! All your hard work got wasted. You might have put lots of heavy images in your presentation and that is what making your presentation size so large. Don't worry! There is still a way out. Here is how you can reduce the size of your PowerPoint file:

Compress the images that you have used in your presentation: You can reduce the size of your large PPT by compressing all the images in it. By reducing the size of all images, you can easily reduce the overall size of your PPT file. This way you will be able to email your presentation to your colleagues or clients. Follow below steps to compress a picture:

 1. Select the image that you want to compress and click the Picture Tool.

 2. Now click on the Compress Picture button.
 3. Remove the checkmark of 'Apply only to this picture'.

   4. Choose the desired photo resolution and click Ok.

Compress Media: If you are using audio or video in your presentation then you can use 'Compress Media' option available in PowerPoint 2010. Follow below step to use this option:
  1. Open your PPT.
  2. Go to File-> Info-> Compress Media.
Disable fast saves option: This option increases the overall size of your PPT file. Disabling fast save will help in removing excess data from your presentation. Follow below steps to disable this option:
  1. Go to File-> Options-> Save.
  2. Click to uncheck the 'Auto Recover' option.
  3. After doing this, save your file with a new name.
Use the latest PPTX format: Saving file in .pptx file format will automatically decrease the size of your file because this new format handles images more efficiently as compared to old file format.

Save the image in smallest size format:
Save all your images in a format which takes less space and has good picture quality.

Don't embed large fonts in your ppt:
Some of the fonts like Unicode increase the size of your ppt. So check the size of font file before embedding it in to your ppt.

Break links of your ppt
: The more links you have in your ppt the bigger the size of it. So before mailing your ppt it is better if you break all the links in it. Follow below steps to do that:
  1. Open your ppt.
  2. Go to Edit menu and click Links.
  3. Now select all the links.
  4. Click Break links; it will remove all the links from your ppt.


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