What is Protected View in MS Excel 2010 and how to disable it?

Protected View is a new security feature in MS Excel 2010. Whenever you open a file downloaded from Internet in Excel 2010, it will open in Protected View. Since files downloaded from Internet, received as an email attachment and from other unsafe location may contains viruses and can harm your computer so to minimize the risk of these security threats, files are opened in Protected View. In Protected View, you cannot edit your file until you click the Enable Edition option. If you want to edit file, click the Enable Editing button as shown in the below image:

What does Protected View message indicates?

You will receive different warning message depending upon your file location. If you have downloaded your file from Internet then you will receive below message:
 Files that you download from Internet can have viruses and other harmful contents so it is recommended to edit the file only if you trust the file location.

If you have received your file as an email attachment then you will receive below warning message:
This message occurs because the file that you have received might be send by a unsafe sender.

If you have opened your file from an unsafe location then you will receive below error message:
This message occurs because you have opened your file from untrusted or unsafe folder for ex Temp folder.

How to disable Protected View?
If you know that file is from a trusted source and you want to make changes in the file then you can always disable Protected View mode. You can permanently disable Protected View by following below steps:
  1. Open your Excel file.
  2. Go to File-> Options.
  3. On the left side, click Trust Center-> Trust Settings.
   4. Now click Protected View and uncheck the options that you don't want.

Next time when you open your document, it will not open in Protected View. 

Sometime you cannot exit Protected View even after clicking the Enable Editing button or by disabling Protected View. In this case consult with your system administrator to solve this problem.


  1. Kind of bizarre because this article doesn't tell you how to actually repair the file as the title claims. It only shows you how to disable protected view.


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