Tips for Improving QuickBooks Performance in Multi User Mode

Today I am going to discuss how can you guys improve your QuickBooks performance in multi user mode. I have seen so many forum thread related to this topic so I decided to give some useful tips to all QuickBooks user who have been facing this problem. The most frequent questions that I have seen on forums are QuickBooks is slow to load, performance issue in multi user mode, slow response time and the list goes on. So basically all these questions are related to performance issue of QuickBooks in multi user mode.

As you all know that in multi user mode more than one user can access your Company file at the same time and due to this, performance of QuickBooks decrease a little bit. There are some other reasons also for slow performance of QuickBooks, describe below:

  1. Your Company file size is very large.
  2. Three or more users are accessing one single module of your Company file at the same time.
  3. You are running a very large report with more than 34,000 targets.
  4. Network issues.
  5. Your Company file is stored on a slow computer.
How to improve QuickBooks performance in multi user mode?

For best performance, your QuickBooks or QuickBooks server should be on the same computer where your Company file is located.

If you want consistently good performance of your QuickBooks then consider following tips when choosing the computer to store your Company file:
  1. Your computer should meet the requirement for memory, processor and disk space as specified in Quickbooks Reference guide.
  2. Select a computer that is not used for any other purpose or activity.
You can modify your Quickbooks preferences to improve performance:
  1. If you don’t require a reminder, go to Preferences and select “Don’t Remind Me”.
  2. When you create a report it gets refresh automatically and it slow down your Quickbooks performance. You can remove this restriction, go to Report & Graphs preferences and select “Don’t refresh”.
Now there are some printing tips to improve performance:
  1. If you are printing so many forms or checks at one go then it is better to break your print job in to groups.
  2. Print spooling option should be turned on while printing.
  3. Avoid printing a large report when two or more users are accessing the same company file.
So these are some useful tips that will help you in improving your Quickbooks performance in multiuser mode. If you too want to share some tips then go ahead.


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