MS Word 2010: Hidden tricks & shortcuts

MS Word comes with thousands of features but you might not be aware of all of them. So you just use the basic features that you are aware of but there are many features and shortcuts that make your work efficiency faster. So today I will tell you about some hidden shortcuts and tricks.

Change the default font & size: The default font in Word 2010 is Calibri but most of the users prefer Times New Roman font. Every time you create document, you have to change the default font manually and it’s really frustrating. To avoid this problem, you can change with your preferred choice. Follow below steps to do that:

1. Open your Word document.
2. Click the arrow on the below right of Font tab or you press 'Ctrl + D'.

3. Now in the Font tab, change the setting that you want to set as default like font, font style, size, color etc.
4. Click on the Set As Default button.

5. A dialog box will appear as shown in below figure. Click on the second option.

Change the default save location:
When you save your document in Word 2010, by default it saves in My Document folder. If you want to change this location to your preferred location then follow below steps:

1. Open your Word document.
2. Go to File-> Options, click on the Save in the Word Option dialog box.

3. Click on Browse to change the default file location.

4. Choose your desired folder/location where you want the documents will save in the future and click Ok.

When you want to copy only formatting: Sometime you want to copy just formatting of one document to another and you use Format painter for that. However for copying long documents, Format Painter is not a good option instead of this you can use much easier option I.e “CTRL + SHIFT + C” & “CTRL + SHIFT + V”.

Select text vertically: Usually we make selection horizontally like we select paragraph, word etc. Sometime you need to select text horizontally, for example you want to select numbers only to delete them all at once. Do you know how to select them? Well the procedure is simple, to select the text vertically, press Alt and click the portion that you want to select. Make sure you release the Alt key before you release the mouse.

These are some simple tricks that you can use in your daily chores. I will discuss some more tricks in my next article but if you too have some interesting tricks, please do share.


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