Fix Error Message that occurs While Closing MS Word Document

Have you ever receive any error message while working on MS Word? I hope that you may have. If you have never got any error message in your MS word career then you are so lucky my dear friend. I have seen in most of the forum sites where MS Word users talk about error messages. I am also a victim of MS Word error message. Yesterday when I tried to close my Word file after finishing work, it just didn't close and instead below error message popped up on my computer screen:

I got shocked because Word was working fine till yesterday morning and now suddenly it has stopped working. So I asked one of my colleague to help me out. I tried all of her suggested solutions and finally one of solution has fixed my problem. Here I am discussing all the possible solutions with you.

Disable Add-in: The above error may occurs due to certain add-ins. Follow below steps:
  1. Go to File-> Options.
  2. Now click Add-Ins-> Go.
  3. Click to clear the Send to Bluetooth checkbox and click Ok.
If error still occurs then try to disable all the Add-Ins. Some Add-Ins get installed on your system automatically by third party tool and create problem. To avoid this problem, open your Word file in Safe Mode. Follow below steps to remove all Add-Ins in Safe mode:
  1. Go to Start-> Run and type winword.exe /a.
  2. Now open your Word file.
  3. Click Microsoft Office Button-> Word Options-> Add-Ins.
  4. Disable all Add-ins.
Repair MS Office: Sometime repairing MS office may solve the problem. To repair your Office follow below steps:
  1. Go to Start-> Control Panel-> Program and Features.
  2. Now click on Office 2007/2010 program.
  3. Click Change and then click Repair.
After Repair restart your computer and see if error still persist. If yes then try next solution.

Install latest updates for Office: Sometime problem can be solved by just installing latest update for the MS Office version that you are using. Following are the steps to install latest update:
  1. Go to Control Panel-> Automatic Updates.
  2. Search the latest updates and download them.
Delete the Registry Key: Delete Word Data Registry key to solve the problem. Delete below Word data key depending upon your version:
For Word 2007:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Office\12.0\Word\Data
For Word 2010:
After deleting Registry Key, restart your Word file and see if the problem still persist or goes away.

Reinstall Office: If no solution works for you then try to un-install and reinstall your Office. It might fix the problem.


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