Do you love QuickBooks, like I do?

I have been using QuickBooks for a long time and I am a big fan of it. I just love its simple and easy to use features. If you are not using QuickBooks for your business then you could be losing out a lot. It is much easier than Excel and has lots of awesome features. QuickBooks is best choice for small to large business owners and why I am saying it with so much confidence, let's find out.
  1. Easy to use: QuickBooks is very easy to use even if you are new to it. You don't need to have knowledge of accounting for using software. A novice user can also use it with so much ease. So you can just focus on your business rather than learning how to use QuickBooks.
  2. Save your precious time: Using QuickBooks, you can save your lots of precious time. You don't need to waste your time on paper work and bookkeeping tasks, QuickBooks will do it for you. It performs basic bookkeeping task automatically so now you don't have to worry about such small issues and can concentrate on bigger things.
  3. Great reporting features: If you own a business, you must be aware of the importance of reporting. In QuickBooks you can generate all type of reports quickly and it has tons of customizable features. You can also choose the design and format of your report.
  4. Help is there at your door: No doubt QuickBooks is very easy to use but still if you stuck with some error or any other problem, you can always ask for help. QuickBooks provides online help anytime you need it.
  5. Information at your finger tips: Having all the financial information at one place is a boon for your business. You can easily find out how your business is performing, where it stands. With QuickBooks you can find all this information in just one click.
  6. Inexpensive: QuickBooks is affordable even for small business owner. The basic version of QuickBooks starts at about $ 80, later you can upgrade to higher version as your business grow.
  7. Customizable: You can customize QuickBooks in any way; it is flexible enough to change according to user requirements.
  8. Sharing is easy: Using QuickBooks you can easily share your data other business applications and that too with the programs you are most familiar with like Word, excel etc.
  9. Tools that make your work easier: QuickBooks provides great tools that allow you to do email marketing, online banking, credit card processing, management of cash flow, bill payment, cash flow, making budget and many more.
  10. Portable: QuickBooks can be run on different Operating Systems, so that you can easily work from different locations.
So now you know why I love QuickBooks and I hope there are many more people who too love QuickBooks for its great feature. If you are also a QuickBooks lover then please do let me know through your comments, why you love it.


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