How to solve “Filename is not valid” error in MS Excel?

Today in this article I am going to discuss about the error that might occurs when you try to open or save your file in Excel. Have you guys ever got “Filename is not valid” error message while saving your file in Excel? This is the most common error that we usually came across in Excel. This error can occurs in many forms such as you might receive below error message:

“The file could not be accessed.”
“The path you entered, '<filename>', is too long. Enter a shorter path.”
“<Filename> could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename, and verify that the file location is correct. “

The meaning of all the above error messages is same. So if you receive any of the above error messages then try the solutions that I will discuss shortly in this article. Let's first find out the cause of this error.

This error mainly occurs if you have given a very long name to the file while saving it. Suppose you have given a 255 characters long file name then you will receive below error message:
 “The path you entered, "<path>", is too long. Enter a shorter path.”

If you have saved the file by entering more than 255 characters then you will receive below error message:

Keep in mind: The path of the file including its name should not exceed 218 characters. Consider the following:
  1. You can include maximum 31 characters in a Excel sheet name.
  2. One exclamation point and one cell reference.
  3. Brackets and apostrophes to denote the workbook name.
MS Excel provides a facility through which you can get more information about the error message. In Excel 2007, press Ctrl+Shift+l to know more about error.

To solve the error try following:
  1. Rename the file and give it a short name.
  2. Rename the folders that containing your file and give them a short name.
  3. Move your file to a different folder having a shorter path name.   
Note: The path of the file should contain less than 218 characters.


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