Easiest Way to Repair PDF Files

PDF is an industry standard for document exchange and one of the most popular file formats across the globe. There are many benefits of using PDFs like it can be published on Internet, send through emails, viewable on any platform, portable and many more. Although PDF is most secure application due to its advanced security features like password protection but at times it also gets corrupt. Here first I am discussing the possible reasons of corruption in PDF file:
  1. Improper download of PDF file: One of the main causes behind PDF corruption is improper download of PDF file from the Internet. Sometime it happens that when you try to download PDF file from Internet, the download process gets interrupt due to sudden shutdown of computer or loss of Internet connection.
  2. Sudden System shutdown: This is also one of the reasons of PDF corruption. If your PDF file is open and suddenly your system gets shutdown then also your PDF file becomes corrupt.
  3. Bad PDF creation tools: There are many PDF creation tool available in market, some are really good, but other are just time waste. It might be possible that the PDF file, you are using is created by bad PDF creator tool and when you download it from Internet it may got corrupt.
  4. Virus attack: If your system contain virus in hard disk or any other place then there are chances that your PDF file also gets affect and becomes corrupt.
  5. Human errors: Improper or wrong handling of PDF file.
When your PDF file got damaged, you receive strange error messages that are described below:
  • The most common error is “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”
  • One of the error is “There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid.”
  • The PDF will be hanged while printing.
  • File does not begin with %PDF.
  • Adobe Reader is unable to read the file
So these are the some common error message that you might receive in case of PDF corruption. Generally it happens that when PDF file got corrupt, all the data in it become inaccessible.

Sometime you can open your PDF file in Adobe Reader but it cannot display image, hyperlink etc. Whatever be the reason of corruption, the truth is that you cannot afford to lose your precious data. So the best way to repair corrupt PDF file effectively is to use a good third party tool. There are many third party tools available in market but one of the advanced tools that I have came across is Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery software. It repairs corrupt PDF file without changing its original formatting. This efficient tool also allows you to remove restrictions from PDF file such as copying, printing and so on. So if you want your data back then Stellar is the way for you.


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