Cannot View PDF in web browser? Here is the solution

Are you unable to view PDF file in your web browser? Are you thinking had I done something wrong? If yes then you are also one of the victims who have been suffering from this problem. It generally happens that usually when you click your PDF file, it open normally in browser but sometime it create problem in opening and what you see in browser is a blank page or a broken link.  So today I am going to discuss the different ways to solve this issue.

Restart your PC: Before doing anything else just restart your computer to see if problem goes away or not.

Check for damaged PDF file: When you open your PDF file did you see a blank page? If yes then it might be possible that your PDF file got damaged. Try to open another PDF file if it also does not open that means problem is with your browser. In this case you need to reset the setting of your web browser.

Try to open PDF from another location: Check if you can open PDF file from your hard disk instead of web:
  1. Open your browser, Go to File-> Open. 
  2. Choose All Files from the Files of Type menu and click Browse. 
  3. Now open the PDF file. If your file is display in Adobe Reader but it does not show on the web that means that server has a problem in displaying files.
Delete temp files: Following are the steps to delete temp files in Firefox:
  1. In your browser, go to Tools-> Clear Recent History.
  2. Deselect all the options except Cache and click Clear Now.
  3. Now try to open your PDF file.
Upgrade the software: If you have upgraded your web browser to the latest version then make sure to install latest version of Adobe Reader also. If latest version of Adobe Reader is already installed on your computer then chances are that some of its support file might be corrupted. In this case try to repair Adobe Reader installation.  

Change preference setting in browser: 
  1. In Acrobat or Reader, select Page Display Preferences by right clicking on the document window.
  2. Select Internet and deselect Display PDF in browser, click Ok.
  3. Now go to Edit > Preferences > Internet.
  4. Choose Display PDF in browser and click Ok.
  5. Try to open your PDF file.
Select multiple versions of Acrobat or Reader: If multiple versions of Acrobat or Reader has installed on your system then remove them because multiple versions usually lead to software conflicts. 


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