Are you unable to open your Company file in QuickBooks? Here is the solution

Are you facing problem in opening your company file in QuickBooks? If yes then you should read this article to solve your problem.  A file cannot open successfully due to various reasons like problem with reports; more than one computer are accessing the file, mismatch between .TLG and .QBW file, encrypted file, damaged company file and many more. So let's discuss the possible solution to solve this issue. If one solution fails then try another.

Make sure you are using the latest release of QuickBooks: If you are not using the latest release of QuickBooks then update to the latest release from Intuit Latest Release webpage.

Try to open a sample company file: Follow below steps to open a sample company file:
  1. Select 'Open a sample file' from the No company open window.
  2. If the sample company file cannot open then try another method.
Check the encrypt file size, or compress properties of your company file: Follow below steps to check the properties:
  1. Right click the Start menu-> Explore-> Window Explorer.
  2. Now right click your company file and click Properties.
  3. Check the size of file. It should be 7 MB.
  4. On the Advanced tab check to see if compress and encrypt attribute are unchecked.
Rename your company file: Follow below steps to rename the company file:
  1. Right click the company file and click Rename.
  2. Enter name with no more than 3 letters and keep the .qbw or .qbb extension.
Rename the .tlg file: Transaction Log file is stored in the same location or folder where your company files is stored but with a .tlg extension. Follow below steps to rename the .tlg file:
  1. Right click the Transaction log file and click Rename.
  2. Rename it to OLD.qbw.tlg.
Turn off multi user access mode: Multi user access can sometime create problem in accessing a file. Follow below steps to turn off this option:
  1. Go to File-> Utilities
  2. Click the message Stop hosting multi-user access.
If even after trying above solutions, you still cannot open your company file then chances are that your QuickBooks file might got damaged. In this case you should go for an excellent QuickBooks repair tool.


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