Free Methods to repair corrupt MS Word documents

It’s really very frustrating when an important document gets corrupt and all data in it becomes inaccessible. A corrupt Word document may mean complete disaster because there is a risk of data loss. Reason of corruption can be anything like improper system shutdown, virus attack, template corruption and so on. The best way to get back your data is to restore it from backup. However if no backup is available then try to repair your corrupt data by free methods provided by Microsoft.

Try below methods if you can open your corrupt document:

Method 1: Convert your file to another format: This should be the first step when your document gets corrupt. Follow below steps to convert your file in RTF (rich text format) file format:
  1. Go to File-> Save As
  2. In the Save As Type drop down menu choose RTF file format.
  3. Enter the name of file and click on the Save to save the document.
After performing above steps, try to re-open the document in Word and convert it back to Word. If this method does not work then try to save your file in another Word processing formats like text only.

Method 2: Copy the Undamaged part of your document to a new blank document: If you can identify the location of corrupt portion in your document then copy whole document except the damaged portion to a new blank file. Follow below steps to reconstruct your document:
  1. Once you have copied the undamaged portion of your document to a new file, save a copy of corrupt document in Text Only format.
  2. Now open the Text Only file.
  3. Copy the data from Text Only file and paste it into the file containing undamaged portion of your document.
  4. Reformat the text you have pasted in step 2 and save the document.

Try below methods if you cannot open your corrupt document:

Method 1: Try to open your document in Draft Mode: Sometimes, it helps in opening of corrupt files in case other method unable to show document. To recover your Word document try to open your document in Draft mode. To switch to Draft mode follow below steps: 
  1. Go to View menu and choose Normal.
  2. Go to Tool-> Options-> View tab-> Draft Font.
Method 2: Try to insert your document as a file in new document: Usually the final paragraph mark of a Word document contains information about the whole document. You can retrieve the text of the document if you leave this final paragraph mark. 
  1. Go to Insert menu and click File in a new blank document.
  2. Now select the corrupt document from the Insert File dialog box and click Ok.


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  2. MicrosoftWord automatically catch issues if any of its documents display unusual behave in their Performance. After all, if it is unable to detect, then you may run built-in procedure give by Microsoft to repair How to open corrupt word document


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