Do you know how to repair corrupt MS Access in simple steps?

In today's world the most valuable thing for any organization is data. If data is lost, everything is lost. Therefore to manage and store your data, Microsoft has provided you a professional database tool known as MS Access. You store all your important data in Access by creating a database but imagine what will happen if your database becomes corrupt. In this case you won't be able to  access your data and worst if no updated backup is available. So here I am discussing some simple steps that you can try to repair your corrupt data.

Steps to repair corrupt MS Access

Create backup:
First and more important, make a copy of corrupt database.

Delete .ldb file:
Delete the .ldb file if exist. The .ldb file is basically used to determine which records are locked and by whom.

Note: Before deleting .ldb file make sure you close the corresponding .mdb file. Normally .ldb file is automatically deleted when you quite Access but if database gets corrupt this file continue to exist.

Run Compact & Repair tool:
  1. First close the database.
  2. Go to Tools-> Database Utilities-> Compact & Repair Database.
  3. Select the file that you want to repair from Database to Compact Form dialog box and click Compact.
  4. Now enter the filename in the Compact Database Into dialog box and click Save.
Turn off AutoCorrect feature: This feature usually create problem in Access so it is recommended to turn off this option. Follow below steps to disable this option:

For MS Access 2010:
  1. Go to File-> Options-> Current Database.
  2. croll down to Name AutoCorrect Options and uncheck all options.
For MS Access 2007:
  1. Click the Access logo-> Access Options.
  2. Now uncheck Track Name Autocorrect Info.
For Ms Access 2000, 2002, and 2003:
  1. Go to Tools-> Options-> General Tab.
  2. Uncheck all options.
Create a new database: Create a new database and try to import objects from old database to new database and re-create the relationship among objects.

Note: You can not import data using Import Wizard instead you have to open an existing page in new database by following below steps:
  1. Click Objects -> Pages in the Database Window.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the New Data Access Page dialog box choose Existing Web Page and click Ok.
  4. Now select the location of data access page in the Locate Web Page window.
If even after trying above steps you cannot repair your database that clearly means that your database is badly damaged. In this situation it is best to opt for a good third party tool.


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