Are you unable to open MS Word 2007 in previous version of Word?

Have you ever tried to open your Word 2007 document in earlier version of Word and never get success? If your answer is yes then I have the perfect solution for you. You cannot open Word 2007 document directly in older version of Word because Word 2007 files are saved in .docx file format whereas previous version document are saved as .doc format. So if you want to share your data which is in .docx format with another user having 2003, he/she won't be able to open your file. To solve this issue here I am discussing the different ways to open Word 2007 in earlier versions:

Download the Compatibility Pack provided by Microsoft: To open Word 2007 documents in earlier version, you need to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. After installing this pack on your computer, you will be able to open your Word 2007 documents in previous version. Moreover you can also open MS PowerPoint 2007 and Excel files in their earlier versions using Compatibility Pack.
Set default Save option: You can save your files in .doc format using Word 2007: Following are the steps to save file permanently in .doc format:

1. Open your Word document.
2. Go to Microsoft Office button-> Word Options
3. In Save tab, set Save file in this format to “Word 97-2003 document” as default option and click OK. From now onwards your all document will be saved in .doc format. 
Free File Format Converter applications: If you have Internet accessibility then you can easily download free online file format converter tool. One such application is    


  1. Its very useful post written by Mansi with easy and reliable method of converting 2007 documents in previous versions. It is helpful option of ms word. After installing this pack on your computer, you will be able to open your Word 2007 documents file in previous version as well.


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