What to do when QuickBooks file gets corrupt?

It is common to see corruption in QuickBooks due to various reasons like hardware failure, improper system shutdown, virus attack etc. When QuickBooks file gets corrupt all your data in it  become inaccessible, sometime even cannot open file. So  if you won't handle corruption properly, you may lose your precious data. To overcome corruption, you can use inbuilt utility provided by Intuit QuickBooks support but how will you know that what are the reasons for corruption. So here I am describing some of the symptoms for QuickBooks file corruption:

  • Your Company file won't open.
  • You receive strange error messages.
  • You cannot access data.
  • When you try to save a transaction, QuickBooks shutdown.
  • You can not save your data.
  • Transactions are missing.

Once you have found that your file gets corrupted, run Verify & Rebuild Data tool to repair your damaged file.

Verify Data: As its name suggest, it verify & detect damaged file of your company. Run this tool in the single user mode on the same computer on which your data is placed.

Run Verify Data:
Following are the steps to run Verify tool:
  1. First close and then reopen your QuickBooks file.
  2. In the QuickBooks menu bar, click Windows-> Close All. (It will close the all open window of QuickBooks.)
  3. Select File-> Utilities-> Verify Data.
After running Verify tool, you may receive any of the following message:
  1. QuickBooks detected no problem with your data: It means your company file is not damaged.
  2. Your data has lost integrity: It means your QuickBooks file is damaged and you need to run Rebuild Data to repair your file.
Rebuild Data: Rebuild Data tool mainly repairs transaction in your company file. It first tests each transaction in your company file and then it will do one of the following activity:
  1. Do nothing to the transaction.
  2. Repair the transaction.
  3. Delete the transaction.
Note: If your company data file is placed on your server and only QuickBooks data manager is installed on your server then you have following two options:
  1. First copy your data file to a local computer, run Rebuild Data on the same computer and then again copy your data file back to server.
  2. Install the full QuickBooks program on your server and then run Rebuild Data tool.
Run Rebuild data: Following are the steps to run the Rebuild Data tool:
  1. First sign in to your data file as the administrator.
  2. Go to QuickBooks menu bar, click Windows-> Close All.
  3. Again in menu bar, select File-> Utilities-> Verify Data.
  4. Click OK on the warning message.
  5. Now select Local Backup from Create Backup window.
  6. Choose a path and folder for the backup by clicking on the Option button.
  7. Click on Complete Verification and then click OK.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter a file name in the Save Backup Copy window and click Save.
  10. QuickBooks will first start the backup and then Rebuild Data tool.
  11. When Rebuild finishes it will display a message which says “ Rebuild has completed”.
  12. Click OK.
  13. Now close and re-open your company file to refresh the list.
  14. Again run Verify data and if it fails then run Rebuild data.
  15.  If Verify Data completes, you will see a message saying “ QuickBooks detected no problem with your data.”


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