Resolving PowerPoint 2003 error “There was an error accessing Filename.ppt.”

I am sure every PowerPoint user must have faced corruption issue in their Presentation. Since lot of hard work and creativity are required to create a single presentation and if presentation (PPT) gets corrupt, all your hard work can go in vain. In this scenario, you cannot open or save your PPT file and receive strange error message. Most of the time the reason behind error message is corruption in PowerPoint file. So the best way to get back your data is restore from its backup but unfortunately you don't have backup then try a 3rd party PowerPoint repair tool.

Consider a scenario wherein, you are working on your newly created PPT and encounter below error message when try to save it in PowerPoint 2003:

“There was an error accessing Filename.ppt.”

If you try to save a previously saved PPT, you may encounter below error message:

“Filename.ppt is currently in use. PowerPoint can't modify it at this time.”

Cause: Above error messages occur due to ActiveMovie control that is added with the MS Visual user form.

Solution: Above error messages can be resolved by below two described methods.

 Method 1: Save old slides in a new PPT

  1. When you got save dialog box then cancel it.
  2. Go to Start button of your PC-> Programs-> Choose MS PowerPoint-> Open new presentation.
  3. Select Slide Sorter from view menu.
  4. Go to PowerPoint where your presentation is open.
  5. Again Select Slide Sorter from view menu.
  6. Go to Edit menu and Select All.
  7. Again go to Edit menu and Copy.
  8. Now switch back to new presentation.
  9. On the Edit menu-> Paste.
  10.  Save your new presentation with a new name.
Method 2: Close your presentation without Saving 
  1. Click Cancel when Save dialog box appears.
  2. Go to Tools menu-> Macro-> Visual Basic Editor.
  3. Now in the Visual Basic Editor window, select the user form that contains the ActiveMovie control.
  4. Go to File menu-> Remove UserForm Name and click No.
  5. Again Go to File menu-> Close and Return to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  6. Go to File menu-> Exit.


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